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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Hawaii – Volcano

The threat level for eruption of Kilauea has been raised to red. Travelers flying into Kona or Hilo through May 25th can change their plans without penalty.

France – ATC Strike

France’s air traffic controllers will strike on May 22. The strike is expected to cause disruption, but impact on flight schedules is not yet known.

London – Luton Airport Strike

Staff at Luton Airport voted to take industrial action, which will be held at different times between 7 am on May 25 and 6.30 am on May 30.

Quebec – G7 Summit

The G7 summit will be held Jun 8-9 in Quebec City. More than 8,000 police officers will be on hand. Travelers should expect delays, road closures, and increased security.

Q and A

How are flight numbers assigned?

Numbering conventions vary widely from airline to airline. A few general guidelines apply to most carriers: One- and two-digit flight numbers are generally reserved for long-haul or other premium flights. Flight number 1 is often for an airline’s “flagship” service. Four-digit numbers under 5000 are typically used for regional affiliate flights and over 5000 are often, though not always, codeshare flights. Beyond that, practices are individual by airline. Some carriers assign odd or even numbers according to the direction of the flight. Other carriers will use consecutive numbers to indicate a pair of flights, such as 222 on the outbound and 223 on the reverse inbound flight. Where there are multiple flights a day on the same route the flight numbers tend to increase throughout the day. Flight numbers are usually retired after a crash or serious accident.

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  • The Big Dipper and the North Star on the Alaska state flag respectively symbolize strength and Alaska’s northern location
  • The rainbow on Hawaiian license plates symbolizes Honolulu’s status as the “rainbow viewing capital of the world”
  • The Kansas license plate includes the state motto “Ad astra per aspera” (Latin for “to the stars through difficulties”)
  • New Mexico is the only license plate to include “USA”
  • New York, the Empire State, issues license plates in an “Empire Gold” color
  • In the U.S. 31 states require license plates on front and back of the vehicle